Not honestly sure what I am doing

Help with Air Manager iPad version

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Not honestly sure what I am doing

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Hi, All.
Hopefully, all of you are remaining safe and healthy.
As the subject suggests, "slightly" LOL ... I am a rookie to this. :lol: So, I apologize ahead of time for all the questions.
Here is what is happening so far. I purchased / downloaded the Air Manager app for my iPad yesterday. I really like what I see so far, and I think there could be a couple changes to enhance it. Nonetheless, I also have gone to this website to download the files for my computer.

My initial problem that I noticed is, it did not download files for the FSX Steam - which is what I have. It only downloaded the standard FSX.

So, I guess to start :
Is there a certain order I am to do everything (downloads, etc., as I have not located any step by step guide as of yet)?
Why is it not recognizing that I have the Steam version?
Do I need to have the Sim running in the background so that Air Manager can find it?
Do I need to purchase anything else for this to work properly?
How do the iPad and computer connect to each other in order to run the software?

I will wait for any and all help in the meantime as I try to figure out on my own, as well.
Take care and remain safe / healthy. Have an awesome day. :D

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Re: Not honestly sure what I am doing

#2 Post by JackZ »

Hi and welcome.

We all started somehow so no problem at all with your questions, the idea is to have nobody MIA. :D

If you've purchased the Air Manager for IPad version, be aware that this one is slightly different from the desktop version, in that it can only offer the instruments that are already builtin the current version, as the Apple Store doesn't allow access to external files.
Most of the instruments are available on the IPad version, but some aren't, and some are limited in functionalities, such as the G1000/G500 Bezel that will run, but are not able to display the screen content itself, as these instrument are only this, a bezel with dials and buttons and no display. The display itself is managed by the sim and cannot be put on the iPad (though an external display solution such as Spacedesk or other "could" be possible, but untested AFAIK). In any case if an instrument is not on the Ipad list, it is not available until a possible update in the App Store.

In order for the Ipad to communicate with your sim, it needs obviously a plugin that should be installed on the same PC as your current simulator. This plugin will ensure both ways communication between your sim and Air Manager for Ipad, provided that the Ipad and your Sim PC are on the same Network of course. The latest plugin is available here: ... stallation. Keep this URL for reference, as it contains always the latest version.

So make sure that the plugin is installed, during installation it should install the plugin version for the recognized sim version that is on your computer. Sometimes FSX-Steam and FSX are mistaken for each other, but it should work anyways.
Once the installation of the plugin is done, you should start at least once FSX alone, and allow the plugin to be added in FSX (answer Yes to the message). The plugin will then be launched automatically every time your sim is launched.
If ever you install another sim in the future(P3D or XPlane), you should run the plugin installer again so the proper plugin is installed for each sim version.

Once the plugin is installed, you can start your App on the iPad, and the app and the plugin (hence the sim) should start to communicate with each other.

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