Air Player Raspberry Pi with Zibo EFIS

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Air Player Raspberry Pi with Zibo EFIS

#1 Post by old pilot guy » Mon Feb 22, 2021 6:12 pm

Cannot get the Z_2D_XP - EFIS Control CAPT & FO for ZiboMod (B737-800X) -downloaded in AM, to work on my Raspberry Pi 4B (8GB) connected to a touchscreen with a functional knobster and other instruments. When I add this instrument to the Pi and try to save it, it shuts down and the RP is no longer visible in AM devices- just the IP address. I have to reformat the SD card (32GB) image, re-activate the Pi and build the panel all over again. This instrument works fine on my second pc running Air Player. When I move it to the Pi it does not work. PC#1 running Zibo overhead / PC#2 running Air Player /. Both pc's are I9-990K 84GB 2080 graphics cards. I always shut down the Pi in AM. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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