FS2020 Variable Write Bug

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Re: FS2020 Variable Write Bug

#31 Post by Corjan »


Sorry, haven't kept up with the latest stuff in FS2020.
Is there any information that you guys know of on how to write/read those Bvars and Ovars?

I never understand why to keep making the system so complicated. Really start to like the X-plane system more and more with just one list :)


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Re: FS2020 Variable Write Bug

#32 Post by Sling »

I'm not 100% certain of what they have done or are pushing to FS2024 but these new (introduced in SU13 and SU14) so called Input Events are apparently the way to write Bvars as of right now. The names a bit confusing seeing as its for vars but thats MSFS. Totally agree about the complicated nature of the way they do things. Was just looking at a simple switch tonight and it had an Ovar, Bvar and Lvar used. Give me datarefs all day every day, so simple and well thought out.

https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/P ... putevents

There is probably more stuff related to this on FSDeveloper.

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Re: FS2020 Variable Write Bug

#33 Post by ylevesque »

To @Corjan
The Input Events are very important in MSFS especially for newer plane.
I think that the Input Event API referred in the previous post can be used in Air Manager to control B: Vars ans Inputs Events.
This will be a better solution than the workaround I described in this post.
As I did a few instruments with Input Events I will be happy to help you test this.


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Re: FS2020 Variable Write Bug

#34 Post by FLRob27 »

Sling wrote: Wed Dec 06, 2023 11:54 am To all following this thread. I believe this is a momentus day because there is a fix. In my limited testing so far it not only seems to fix this long standing bug but also the more serious blocking of other LVAR writes bug that has also been mentioned on these forums. Before i get way ahead of myself and proclaim this day in the Air Manager History Books please join me in testing the fix by simply downloading the brand new AM4.2(BETA 1) plugin from the wiki and leaving your thoughts here.

A big thanks to Corjan who jumped on this and found the culprits after a quick note i sent him this morning. Now if we could just get the Bvar and Ovar support working that will round it out nicely.
Gosh this was annoying! Thanks guys!

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Re: FS2020 Variable Write Bug

#35 Post by FlightEngineer1 »

I have already tested the beta plugin. Test object was the de icing panel of the TBM 930. Variable was: Deice_Propeller_1. I observed the behavior in developer mode under Tools, Behavior, Input Events of the TBM_interior.xml. The value of the variable is transferred incorrectly and thus an uncontrollable state occurs. Max Paperno's Touch Portal Plugin and Lorby's AAO can already handle these variables correctly. I informed Corjan. Maybe there will be an update in 2 weeks.

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Re: FS2020 Variable Write Bug

#36 Post by FlightEngineer1 »

Now it works

Today I did my first short test with Beta 3 of the plugin. The values (0 or 1) of the input events variables of the TBM 930 for DEICE_Propeller_1 and DEICE_Engine_1 (Inert Sep) are now transferred correctly. To check, I used the behavior tool in developer mode.
Big thanks to Corjan. Now I can work extensively with the Air Manager program.

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