KR87 ADF Hardware instrument

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KR87 ADF Hardware instrument

#1 Post by Daryn »

Hi All,

I have been pulling my hair out for weeks trying to figure out how to build different hardware instruments for air manager and xplane. I just can't wrap my head around the coding.
One of the avionics that I am trying to build is the KR87 ADF with a display, 5 buttons, dual encoder, and LED's for the mode indicators.

I thought I would be able to find many people in the same situation who have tried to make hardware versions of things like the ADF and DME for their simmulator builds. So far I have not been able to find 1.
There is an instrument version of the KR87 ADF exactly like I am searching for, but no hardware at all. I have even tried converting the instrument version into a hardware version with no luck.
how can the instrument versions exist but no one has ever made a harware version????

There is the 737-800X Zibo Pedestal ADF that has the character display, ADF & ANT LED's, ADF transfer button, ANT button, and dual encoder already set up, but it is missing the Flt/ET & SET/RST Buttons as well as the timer/flt time functionality...

I know you're going to say "post your code so we can fix it..." but I am so bad at the coding that I don't even know where to start. And when I'm editting pre-existing code trying to get it to work i just end up with a mess and breaking things that already worked.

I keep getting to a point where air manager and the coding are the bottleneck of my flight sim. It drives me crazy until I give up on the simulator and airmanager altogether for months at a time. Is there another solution??
Has anyone already tried doing this? or would anybody be able to get me started??

If anyone can help with anything at all, please let me know.

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Re: KR87 ADF Hardware instrument

#2 Post by SimPassion »

Hi @Daryn,

reading your two posts, the first thing would be to clarify the simulator to be used, I guess you meant MSFS 2020, though you didn't mentioned it

So, by deduction ... is this correct ?
  • MSFS
  • C172 default in MSFS ... 986#p57986

Now to help you going ahead, the best start point would be to split your project in very small parts. Let say, you've mentioned the KR87 ADF, so let's concentrate on it until it works. It would be a bad habit to want to build all parts at the same time and further you'll learn from the very first part, which will help yourself going ahead.

So, on the KR87, we have :
  • 1 x LEDs display
  • 5 x buttons
  • 1 x rotating switch
  • 1 x dual encoder
Image ... tion/kr-87

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