Where to find Adjustable Instrument by RUSS

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Where to find Adjustable Instrument by RUSS

#1 Post by johnmarkbungcag0406 »

Good Day everyone!

I would just like to ask where I can download or get the adjustable instruments I'm currently on a home sim project, and having those instruments will certainly help me get through. And does anybody know where I can get a cessna 210 panel also?

Kindly PM :)

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Re: Where to find Adjustable Instrument by RUSS

#2 Post by russ »

I am sorry but I have had that project almost completed for quite a while and the longer I wait the less motivation I can find to finish it. I was in the process of making them all work well with MSFS too and got overwhelmed by other things. If someone with the skills to follow my somewhat well documented code maybe I could demonstrate what needs to be done to complete them. It may even take me a couple hour or so to recall exactly I was doing three years ago and what is needed to complete them. Unfortunately there are quite a few and the each need to be updated. Thoughts?
Russ Barlow
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Re: Where to find Adjustable Instrument by RUSS

#3 Post by jackjofi »

Hey there! For adjustable instruments, check out Sim Innovations or Air Manager. As for a Cessna 210 panel, try the X-Plane forums or sites like X-Plane.org for user-created panels. Happy simming!JTWhatsapp

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Re: Where to find Adjustable Instrument by RUSS

#4 Post by nandita08 »

I regret to inform you that I've had this project nearly finished for a considerable time. However, the more I delay its completion, the harder it is to find the motivation to finalize it. I initially aimed to integrate everything seamlessly with MSFS, but I became overwhelmed by other commitments. If someone skilled can follow my documented code, I could demonstrate the remaining tasks. It might take a few hours to recall the specifics from three years ago, but with collaboration, we can update each component effectively. What are your thoughts on this approach? gb whatsapp pro download

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