Using Input Events (B:Vars) in Air Manager

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Using Input Events (B:Vars) in Air Manager

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Input Events and B:Vars are now frequently used in MSFS instruments. Unfortunately, these are not directly usable in Air Manager because there is no SimConnect function to access them.
But there is a way to use them in our AM instruments scripts by converting B:Vars to L:Vars and L:Vars to Input Events
This conversion process should be done in the aircraft code in specific xml files.
Thanks to SimPassion who published a post with a link to the excellent article on this.

Detailed instructions are in this pdf file:
Using Input Events.pdf
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I attached my Cabri_G2_Interior.xml and 2 instruments. You can test them in your Air Manager (version 4.2 or more). Input Events are used in the Carb Heat switch, the Clutch cover and the Rotor handle.
G2 Instruments
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