Debugging Outputs

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Debugging Outputs

#1 Post by nnyerges »

Hello, I know that you are about to release the new version, but you still have time to add a simple function that can be very useful. Why not make debugging output as simple as debugging input in the hardware window at runtime? Right now it is impossible to test an output without changing the code. This feature will save a lot of time debugging your hardware.

(Ref. Image)
It would be the same as clicking on an input pin in the right window in CREATE/EDIT of Air Manager. Click on an output pin to temporarily overwrite the actual output value; For digital outputs, it temporarily changes the state, and clicking for example on a LED output, opens a window to temporarily change the brightness value. I don't see any complication to do this is your AM software code.

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Re: Debugging Outputs

#2 Post by SimPassion »

+300% !!! @nnyerges MacSIM
AM will become the most wanted app with perfect debugging toolbox inside ! ;-)
Also same request and acknowledgment as @JackZ for the UI enhancement, on the other thread 👍

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Re: Debugging Outputs

#3 Post by Corjan »


Makes little sense to me to overwrite data coming from the instrument.
The instrument should drive outputs itself.

Might be cool to have a separate window where you can manually set Arduino pins though, just for testing.


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