Knobster on Mac not working

Support for the SimWareKits Knobster in combination with Air Manager and Air Player

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Re: Knobster on Mac not working

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Ralph -

Thanks for the tips. Will get busy and build a panel then back with progress report

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Re: Knobster on Mac not working

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Sling wrote: Fri Mar 10, 2023 12:13 am
ldirksen wrote: Thu Mar 09, 2023 5:04 pm Thank you Sling and SimPassion for quick replies
ViewSonic offers software labeled vTouch Support that 'allows for touch feedback control for external monitors connected to a Mac'. I assume this software only functions with ViewSonic monitors.
I have popped out the PFD and MFD to my TD 2430 monitor. I have not created a panel, either for the Mac's display or for the monitor. Is this something I must do to enable Knobster?
Yes. Knobster only works with panels. Remember to setup the panel also to use the knobster.
I understand this, however if AM/AP would not be ready to receive touch input from MacOS, the issue would be still there ... @Ralph or @Corjan, I think this point still have to be clarified for simmers community ... after all how could this have been validated if the feature will not be there until 2025 ??? 🤔 (apart for testing with specific only solution that not all single simmer will own, like the mentioned Viewsonic solution)
In any case this would be interesting to know if this feature is already handled and present in AM/AP for MacOS ...

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Re: Knobster on Mac not working

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Update: I created a panel using the Cirrus Vision Jet panel and moved it to my Viewsonic then popped out the PFD and MFD from X-plane 12.

I can touch a knob (e.g.: Nav or Alt) that then turns yellow and then use my Knobster to change frequencies or altitude. Works pretty smoothly with the rotaries. A little less well with small things like the active/standby arrows. I think my index finger is a little too large for the smaller switches. Plan is to poke around in the intimate parts of the ViewSonic setup software to see if I can improve its spatial sensitivity/specificity.

Even at this point, the combination of touchscreen and Knobster is very impressive.

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Re: Knobster on Mac not working

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You can increase the touch areas, but you would have to adjust the images and the script a little.

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