My 172/182 rig

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My 172/182 rig

#1 Post by stephane130281 »

Hi all,

I am new to Air Manager and somehow got to the point where I needed Air Manager to complete my rig with an EDM 700.
Using XP11:
My cockpit is based on Flight Illusion gauges which now get eventually fully functional (the radio stack is now really close to their Bendix King counterparts in the real world).
The warning panel and flaps handle are from Simkits. The rest is DIY with some custom backlighted panel and switches (ELT, lower switches panel, fuel selector, landing gear, control lock, registration number holder...etc).
The MIP is a 3 mm steel panel. I use 2 saitek Cessna yokes but the pilot side has a yoke handle from Routech. The rudder is the Rudder RD1 from Redbird simulations.
The hobbs meter is turned on when the battery switch is turned ON. I ve recently purchased the wet compass from Virtual Fly.
The trim wheel and indicator as well as the TPM are from real Cessna 172 and 182. The glareshield light is a LED strip mounted into a flexible aluminum rail and a cover to better scatter the light.
I did the pedestal too to which I added a landing gear so that I can fly other planes too lile the Turbo Arrow.
The 7.9 inches screen runs the Air Manager gauges mainly the JPI EDM 700 (many thanks to the author), and a backup altimeter.
I ve started the enclosure so I m doing all the interior details.
The ceiling will have 2 dome lights and the dimmers, an oxygen lever and its indicator and dummy tubing to connect a respiratory mask.
I ve added sun visors which are actually useful when flying in direction of the sun 😁 and finally functional eyeball air vent.
This is how it looks like at the moment:

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Re: My 172/182 rig

#2 Post by MiGMan »

Wow! That is a beautifully detailed project.

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Re: My 172/182 rig

#3 Post by SimPassion »

Very nice cockpit and FI + AM instruments arrangement @stephane130281 :)
Great attention to detail, up to flood light and fire extinguisher !!!

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Re: My 172/182 rig

#4 Post by frumpy »

Looks very good, well done!

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