Adding a touchscreen monitor

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Adding a touchscreen monitor

#1 Post by swreid »

I have added a touchscreen monitor to my sim setup but now I find that the monitor does not work as a touchscreen running with an iPad Pro 11". It seems my only solution is to buy an Android tablet that will allow my monitor to be a touchscreen monitor. Any suggestions that will solve my problem? I will only use this device to run Air Manager, with Knobster, and using a MacBook Air with M2 chip to run X-plane 11. I guess the point is it doesn't have to be the best alternative! The cheapest, that does the job, will be just fine. Thanks

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Re: Adding a touchscreen monitor

#2 Post by Crunchmeister »

You gave very little detail about your existing setup, so it's hard to say what your issue may be.

Before you run off buying new stuff - if you're running on Windows, run the Touch Screen Calibration tool so that Windows correctly recognizes the new touch screen as such. THat's typically required when adding a new touch monitor to a Windows system that doesn't have the touch screen as the default / only monitor.
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Re: Adding a touchscreen monitor

#3 Post by jph »

Best thing to do BEFORE posting is at least try a search as depending on your setup your may find the answer.
A quick search simply on 'touch screen' on the forums here - ... uch+screen

There are others, and as the other poster mentioned you do not indicate what system you are using so it is extremely difficult to give specific help.
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