Need help positioning G1000 pop-out in MSFS

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Need help positioning G1000 pop-out in MSFS

#1 Post by wazooda »

This one is driving me a bit nuts...

I am using the generic G1000 Simstrutation bezel for a PFD. I added the instrument to a panel, and set the panel background to transparent. I then pop-out the PFD and drag it over to the the bezel.

However, I can't resize the pop-out. The bezel is in the front (I have Always on Top checked) so I can't grab the pop-out to re-size it once I drop in in the bezel. I tried turning off always on top but the problem is the same. It appears that even though transparent to the desktop, the entire screen portion of the bezel STILL is there since moving the mouse over it, I can drag the bezel around when clicking on the transparent area.

Any idea how to solve this? I've watch this video but it works for him and not me.



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Re: Need help positioning G1000 pop-out in MSFS

#2 Post by ylevesque »

Look at MSFS Popout Panel Manager ( ... el-manager).
It works for me.


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Re: Need help positioning G1000 pop-out in MSFS

#3 Post by Sling »

Hi Paul,

You are not the first to encounter this and surely you will not be the last. I go tnto a lot more detail than I could type here in a video showing how the settings affect the way the popouts work. It could be a few things but I suspect either you don’t have ‘click through’ enabled while you are placing the pop outs or you have a bezel version that has a non transparent display area. It may not be obviously by looking at it but if it’s not totally transparent it can stop you accessing the popout once it’s under your panel.

The video I referenced can be found on my YouTube channel linked in my signature below. Search for MSFS popouts and you should find it. If the video doesn’t solve it for you try the community store G1000 overlay to eliminate that being the problem. Be sure to let us know how you go.

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