AM 4.1.3 Snippet wrong code

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AM 4.1.3 Snippet wrong code

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Hi Message to @Corjan:

I noticed a small error when using in the editor, the right click: Code snippets/Flight Simulator/FS 2020 variable subscribe

The code pasted in the editor is I guess an old version:

Code: Select all

  -- This function will be called when new data is available from FSX or Prepar3D
 function new_altitude_callback(altitude)
   -- Prints the altitude in the debug window
   print("New altitude: " .. altitude)

 -- subscribe to FSX / Prepar3D variables on the databus
 fsx_variable_subscribe("INDICATED ALTITUDE", "Feet", new_altitude_callback)
it should be instead fs2020_variable_subscribe() according to the Wiki
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