Mac and sidecar

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Mac and sidecar

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I have a 2019 Macbook Pro. It has a built-in feature to wirelessly detect a secondary monitor (in my case a 2022 iPad Pro I borrowed). Sidecar is the Mac app I see online on the Apple support sites as well as youtube as the software title to use for this secondary screen capability, but my machine doesn't announce this -- it simply has a provision to add a display. OK. My challenge is while Air Manager recognizes the display in the panel section details as a screen to use for the panel/instruments, they always render on the main display. I cannot get the panel to show on the iPad. Second issue is the built-in Apple secondary display feature shows in landscape mode only. No way to go portrait. <<insert mega frustration here>>

The only capability I've been able to do is pop out a glass GPS and drag it over to the iPad independent of AirManager - and of course you have to set all this up every time you start the Sim. The third issue comes up where mouse clicks don't operate from the iPad. So while you can see the instrument, you can't really interact with it. Weird part is there are clicking sounds coming though when you mouse click but no visual instrument response or impact to the Sim. If you click over on the glass instrument in the main display, interaction is achieved as expected.

Curious if others have had any tangible success with a more advanced Sim setup using a Mac. I was hoping to put some money into the panel rather than big bucks on another computer, but I'm beginning to think I have no alternatives at this point.


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