Raspberry pi only shows bacground of panel

Support for Air Player desktop on ARM devices, like the Raspberry Pi.

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Re: Raspberry pi only shows bacground of panel

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nitzane wrote: Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:11 pm Ok, so lets see if i understand:
internet connection from my computer is not enough. The rpi has to be online as well.
that is on top of the wired connection between the computer and the rpi.

Ill give it a go and update you guys

Absolutely, the internet connection from your PC does not, in any way, allow the Pi to access the internet on it's own. The Pi should be considered as an individual computing device - unlike - for example - an Arduino. The Pi 'IS' it's own mini computer. Hence it needs it's own internet connection. It is ok connecting to the PC for SSH etc, but then it is on 'it's own and running the program it needs it's own net connection, just as another 'PC' would. That is exactly why it has it's own licence as it can act as a cheap standalone device running a monitor which is similar to a stand alone PC doing the same albeit not as powerful, but generally capable.
Let us know when you get it sorted ;)
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Re: Raspberry pi only shows bacground of panel

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If it can reach the internet through your computer then that would be fine, but apparently it is not able to connect to the internet.

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