B58 incorrect readings?

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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

#11 Post by piazzz33 »

Where would I need to look for the correct data ref?

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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

#12 Post by JackZ »

First step in any case would be for you to publish here the list of REP Datarefs available, that can be found through the REP documentation.
Second option is to install and use the Dataref editor plugin for XPlane
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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

#14 Post by Sling »

As said previously if you don’t have the desktop version of AM then you cannot access the code to modify it. Even if you can modify it you still need to run the revised code. The iPad and Android Apps are not suitable for development or tinkering. You need a version of what you need to be a part of the App or you are out of luck, at least until a possible future update.

Sorry but that’s the reality for the tablet Apps.


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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

#15 Post by Kilstorm »

It would really be nice to use this panel for the iPad and REP. Hopefully, the REP gauges could be added to the AM database to so users could swap them out. I'm sure AM is more focused on MSFS right now but hopefully since its just a matter of changing some data ref files and then putting that gauge in the AM DB for tablet users that would mean a lot.

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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

#16 Post by Ralph »

Premium panels are not (yet) available for the iPad, so that won't be the case, sorry.

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Re: B58 incorrect readings?

#17 Post by mrehnborg »

Does anyone happen to have the modified engine instruments for the stock Baron 58 REP that they're willing to share?


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