Touchscreen for FFA320 FMGC

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Touchscreen for FFA320 FMGC

#1 Post by Detlef » Tue Mar 16, 2021 12:22 pm

Hi guys,

after spending a lot of time on programming my own hardware panel (using the Airmanager Si messageinterface) I am now trying to find a cockpit configuration with AM for the Flightfactor A320. I am very impressed by the aircraft. There are a lot of popout screens I can put on my two touchscreens. I am also trying to integrate the FFA320 instruments from Alexander Hildmann.
Right now the arrangement I have is more for testing, it doesnot really have a good look and feel until now. Because my eyesight is not not the best, I want big screens so I put all the A320 screens as large as possible and try to squeeze in everything else. That does not give a natural look to the cockpit until now, though. (Picture attached)

One problem I have: If I put a popout of the FMGC computer on my touchscreen, it is sensitive to touch. I conclude that from hearing clicks when I press buttons. But otherwise the FMGC does not react. So nothing happens after pressing a button. Now, if I use the aircrafts EFB in a browser at address http://localhost:6025/EFB.html I can go to the controls tab and I see the FMGC AND it fully works on the touchscreen. Having to use yet another program (the browser with its frame and so on) and position it on the screen is pretty awkward.

I would like to use the normal FFA320 popout per touch. But that does not work with the FMGC, which is needed for pretty everything before and during the flight.
Any advice / experience here on that?

I am thinking of creating an FMGC overlay in AM. That means finding all datarefs for the buttons (probably possible with the FFA320).

Thank you

p.s. I just tried again: it seems the sensitive area for the finger is so small that it is almost impossible to find it. But sometimes it does react to button presses per touch. Unusable, though.

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