My First Project, Soulmade Simulations DHC-2 Panel

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My First Project, Soulmade Simulations DHC-2 Panel

#1 Post by hmr170 »

I am a long time simracer and have been using for over ten years now where everyone pretty much has large triple-screen rigs or uses VR. Due to some lower back problems, I have had to give that hobby a rest and decided to take up flight simming using X-Plane 11. Now, when my back gets tired, I can simply pause my flight. In simracing, you can’t pause a live online race with 45 other drivers. I’ve converted my simracing cockpit to flight simming.

I have been using the Android version of Air Manager for several months now, but I have just started using the desktop version last week when I purchased a small touch screen. My goal is to not necessarily re-create a cockpit in exact or authentic detail, but to be able to view gauges that I would not normally be able to see without having to pan my view at my chosen FOV.

I am still struggling with how to create a new instrument from scratch, but I’m starting to get an idea of what is going on. For my DeHavilland panel, I ended up having to clone and edit all the instruments except for two of them. In many cases, it simply involved removing the square bezel surround, but in some cases it required some more detailed graphical work or editing the LUA file. I also made a custom background image using GIMP. I hope you guys like it.

ImageIMG_20180910_105800911_HDR_a by hmr170, on Flickr

ImageBeaver Panel_shadows by hmr170, on Flickr

ImageBeaver_Dash_Panel by hmr170, on Flickr

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Re: My First Project, Soulmade Simulations DHC-2 Panel

#2 Post by jedeen »

that's very impressive for one who has not much experience in flight simming and comming from simracing.
So much more instruments to monitor then in a racecar.

Have fun

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Re: My First Project, Soulmade Simulations DHC-2 Panel

#3 Post by Ralph »

You made a nice combination of existing instruments and new ones. I see there's some bezels missing here and there, but it looks very nice. The Beaver is also one of my favorite aircraft.

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Re: My First Project, Soulmade Simulations DHC-2 Panel

#4 Post by russ »

Nice job and great simpit. Good work! Maybe you could share how you got the worn out panel texture...looks good.
Russ Barlow
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