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#1 Post by FlyerDavidUK » Tue Mar 09, 2021 10:19 am

I've developed a generic Hobbs meter over the past few days which I'll upload for the community library. It works with X-plane which provides a Hobbs dataref unlike other simulators.

In doing so, I discovered the running_txt primitive which I have to say is quite wonderful. As with many AM primitives, the concept seems fairly straightforward but possibilities are huge.
Keep up the good work.

A few details took a little while to get my head around.
- The default shows the digit zero, so you have to subtract one from the number you want to be displayed
- The index given to the running_txt_move_carot can be positive or negative. If negative, then the scrolling motion will be top to bottom. It should be a floating number and will display the two numbers midway
- A variety of different symbols, text or other characters could be displayed. The callback function sends a parameter of the index and expects a string to be returned

It would be really helpful to expand the wiki documentation for these primitives slightly to point out these things - doesn't need a huge amount more, just a few more sentences. No need for a lengthy video.

It also occurs to me that having some good example code snippets in the library to act as lego bricks for fairly common requirements would be helpful. e.g. dimming backlights as mentioned elsewhere recently, rotating dials. I have found it very educational looking at other instruments in the library to see how others do things - sometimes remarkably simply, sometimes hard to read/understand but often to great effect.

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