Auto-Detect Input

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Auto-Detect Input

#1 Post by BradyBrother100 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:48 pm

I think some-sort of auto-detect input would be a nice feature for AM. So if you have a clutter of wires that you just plugged in to your Arduino, you can send an input through a push a button, a switch, etc., and AM would detect the latest input and display what pin the correlates to. What do you think?


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Keith Baxter
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Re: Auto-Detect Input

#2 Post by Keith Baxter » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:52 pm


@SimPassion was asking for that some time back. I think he came up with a solution. Not sure.

There is a thread somewhere.

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Re: Auto-Detect Input

#3 Post by Sling » Fri Jun 11, 2021 5:03 am

Remember SI are a very small team.

There are things that are not currently possible with AM, so my take is it’s better to develop these first. This self learning idea although interesting i think falls into the “adds polish” category. Meaning we can already add and use hardware so how AM is now doesn’t stop us from achieving a particular end result.

I will caveat this view by saying that bug fixing of current features obviously needs a high level of priority in amongst new feature development.

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