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AM4 problems

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 9:49 pm
by Pagouti
Air Manager was pretty perfect as it was! A few minor shortcomings of AM4 BETA hardly represented sufficient arguments to upgrade to a new full version. Maybe, I am wrong, but these shortcomings still seem to persist in AM4.

I finally managed to install AM4 and “see” the panels and instruments that I have developed from AM4 BETA. The prescriptions on this forum for how to achieve the upgrade from Beta while preserving your custom built panels and instruments are definitely incomplete and leave ample space to make errors. Please do something about this. The lack of an update procedure that takes care of this, is a downright dissatisfier!

At first, only my G1000 displays and knobsters worked. All buttons, switches and sliders were dead. After several restarts, ever more actuators started to function. Is this behaviour normal and to be expected? Actually, only the hand brake slider stubbornly refuses to function correctly. I think, that I can solve that without assistance.

Before AM4 BETA, Air Manager started with all displays activated and knobsters enabled and associated with the correct knobster definitions. In AM4 BETA these highly desirable features were lost. I spent € 40 partly because I wanted to get rid of such counter productive nuisances. Alas! Something for the next minor update, then?

Re: AM4 problems

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 12:49 pm
by Ralph
A very long story, so you completely lost me at what the problem is / are. If there are any issues then please report these through a support ticket and keep it small.

Note that a beta is a beta, you cannot expect any support on moving from the beta to release. That's not what the beta is made for.