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Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:49 am
I placed a Support Ticket on this item and Ralph replied, however, for reasons unknown to me I am unable to open the reply on the Support Ticket from the Web Site. This is an issue that I have encountered before. I don't know if the problem is on my end or theirs, but I know it is a source of great aggravation for me! I replied to Ralph's E-Mail, but to date I have not received an answer. Perhaps someone on the Forum will be able to assist. Below is a copy of my original Support Ticket request:

I have been through the Forums and Wiki and have not been able to turn up an answer to this question: I currently have three versions of Air Manager and Air Player that are running on three different Computers in my Office. I use these Simulators (both X-Plane and MSFS 2020), to try out various Aircraft models and configurations. All are Windows 10 Computers. My question is this: I have three separate Licenses using three separate E-Mails/and Passwords. How do I obtain my free Version 4.0 upgrades from the Version 3.7 Air Manager and Air Player? I have only received one E-Mail with a Coupon Code for one Version 4.0 Air Player. I need Coupon Codes for both the Air Manager and Air Player Software sent to this E-Mail Address and two others (, (received a Coupon Code for Air Player on this one), and Thank you for your assistance!

Thank you for any and all assistance rendered.