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Air Manager running slow

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:34 pm
by deuce01
I have Air Manager 3.7 for Windows on a Chuwi hi10 air windows tablet and X-Plane 11.53. It has been running fine for the last year or so. I just purchased the Garmin G5's since that is what is in the plane i currently fly IRL. I noticed there is quite a lag on the G5's when flying and sometimes the instruments disconnect and then reconnect midflight.
I know the problem is related to the low specs of the tablet and i have stripped it down as much as possible. The GPU runs at around 80% without the instruments connected to the sim and powered on.
Xplane runs on a beefy PC with alot of horsepower.
My question is, how can i improve performance of the G5's? Can i run Air Manager on the PC running Xplane and Air player on the Tablet? would that provide better performance? On the Tablet running AirManager, i have not found a way to "only" launch the guages and not the AirManger Management interface. I am making a Guess that if that was not running, i would free up some resources to run the G5's smoothly.
This is what led me to think, maybe AirPlayer is the answer.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Thanks for any advice.


Re: Air Manager running slow

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 4:46 pm
by deuce01
So i went ahead and purchased AirPlayer and put that on my tablet and switched the Air Manager license to my PC running Xplane. This solved my problem. Things are running well now and the G5's work as expected.
Figured i'd post a reply incase someone else was having similar issues.