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Screens position

#1 Post by Grosati » Fri May 28, 2021 11:58 am

Hi, is there a file where are memorized the position and dimension of panels? I often need to reset after a problem with one of my monitors and would like to have a backup from where to recover correct position of various instruments.

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Re: Screens position

#2 Post by Ralph » Fri May 28, 2021 1:26 pm

Note sure what you mean. Are you using version 2.x maybe?

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Re: Screens position

#3 Post by navymustang » Fri May 28, 2021 10:32 pm

I agree with the question being posted. Many times a month I have to go back into AM and reset what monitor a panel goes on and the dimensions of the panel or its x & y placement.

I am using the latest v4, it is not a v4 issue. I have had to do this since using AM over two years ago. I am running multiple copies on different computers and it happens on all computers.

It would be nice to have a file location I could just throw a backup file into and all the settings go back to a "default" for my sim.

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Re: Screens position

#4 Post by Tetrachromat » Wed Jun 02, 2021 6:06 pm

The data/settings you are looking for is not stored in a file. It is stored in the config database. I dont know if you can make a backup copy of that database and restore it from the copy. I personally would nor rely on it.

I think you need a proper workflow with your panels.

My workflow looks like this:
- Create a panel layout in your 'Home' tab
- Create a 'Panel' project in your 'Create/Edit' tab.
- 'Add aircraft model' level to your project
- use 'Add a layout from ...' option and select your layout created in the 'Home' tab

Your panel poject is stored in files. You can backup the files or even better use 'Export' to backup and to restore use 'Import'.

If you loose the settings of your layout in the 'Home' tab, you can restore it from the panel project:
- Use the 'Add panel' option on 'Air manager.
- It will display the available layouts (all dornloaded library layouts as well as your own project layouts)
- select the layout from the panel project you wish to use/restore

If you edit your layout in the 'Home' tab, you can add the new version to the same panel project (you can add multiple layouts or versions of the same of layouts to a project).

This is the way I am managing my layouts.


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