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Support for Arduino in combination with Air Manager and Air Player

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Starter questions

#1 Post by Markjohn » Sat Mar 27, 2021 10:37 am

Hi Everyone

Im considering switching the controls of my cockpit to Air Manager. I currently use Simvin but am plagued by connection issues.

I have made a B737 cockpit. I use Xplane and Zibo.

I will use air manager for steppers (Gauges), seven segments and a few analogue inputs

I have a few questions:

1. How many steppers can I power off one arduino mega? I need 9 for the over head panel, for example. I presume I will need to use the jack and not the 5v USB Supply?

2. Has anyone used Air Manager for the centre console 7 segments? I am not sure if 2 8 digit displays will fit side by side, say for the nav panel. Is there a work around for this? What does everyone else do?

3. Is there a way to turn the steppers and seven segments on with the battery power in the sim. So they will all be off in a cold and dark state. I am sure this is easy to do. Are there any examples on how to code this?

I am keen to learn more about Lua code. Air Manager has been very stable for me in the past so I think this is a good option for my to go in



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