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Re: RPI Communication Problem

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:32 pm
by Huberflight
*Update* :D
1. PC X-Plane & Baron B58 Standard.pdf
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Hi folks.
Maybe i have a Soulution for this problem. I had exactly the same issue.

My Problem:
Nearly every time when i load my Personal code to a Raspberry pi 3 Model B+ it hangs up and no working was possible anymore. Only after i installed a new on my SD Card and activated the Air Player Image (ver. 3.7.1) brings it back to live.
With Original Air Manager Instuments it works fine.

My (Personal) Soulution:
Initial situation as discribed above. Rpi with fresh AP image (ver. 3.7.1)/ Win 10/ all Hardware Panels Connected.

- Create a new, empty Panel, with the Name „Work Panel“
- Then create a Second empty Panel with the Name „Dummy Panel“ (The names have been chosen completely arbitrarily and only serve to distinguish the panels)
- In the Dummy Panel install an Air Manager Original Instrument (I take the Horizontal Trim indicator of the C-172)
- Then install all the Instuments in the work Panel you need
- That‘s it

After i have found this „soulution“ i loaded several (40+) times the Same LUA Codes to my Rpi that braked it before without any problem.

My System:
I‘m using AM mainly for Hardware Connection (Switches, Rotary Encoder, LED’s, Poti etc.) I put a Connection draft into this post. So you can have a better overview over my System. All the Lower Panels are only Hardware Connection’s installed (Switches etc....). In my 3 Top Panels there are Monitors installed in the back. This Panels are also each constructed with a Rpi and Hardware. Manly Rotary Encoders and Buttons.They work from the beginning perfect.

My Conclusion:
With a Grafik Output, the loading of my own codes is possible. Without any Grafik output it Hangs to 99,8%.

Of course I‘m a LUA coding beginner and make errors. That make the debugging a long and hard process. But it works for my System. Maybe others can benefit from my testing hours as well. So please let me know.