Vote for Multi Monitor support in MSFS 2020

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Vote for Multi Monitor support in MSFS 2020

#1 Post by Jon_H » Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:57 am

Hey fellow cockpit builders. I'm sure most if not all of you are running or planning to run multi monitor setups for out the cockpit views as supported by X-Plane, FSX and P3D already. If you have any interest in MSFS 2020, then please make sure to vote for it on the official wishlist in MSFS 2020 forums.

Air manager is getting us a long way on the instrument side, but we still need Asobo/Microsoft to implement native out the window views in multi monitor setups without the geometric distortion of Nvidia Surround. This is the post that was put on the wishlist on the subject - blue vote button is at the top of the thread :) ... ity/150824

Happy flying :)
Jon H

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Re: Vote for Multi Monitor support in MSFS 2020

#2 Post by Ralph » Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:55 am

It's indeed something that should be added, certainly for cockpit builders.

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Re: Vote for Multi Monitor support in MSFS 2020

#3 Post by jph » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:23 am

I agree it would be useful for the miniscule number of people that actually use multi monitor setups. (I do, as do quite a few here - but with X-Plane). But realistically FS2020 is a game aimed primarily at Xbox users so this would not be anything they (Xbox users) would ever use. I wasnt aware that fsx and p3d had an effective multimon support ? - Please can you clarify this ?. I used to use WideView (Luciano Napolitano) about 18 / 20 years ago with fs2000. Luciano is actively working on a version for fs2020 = I believe there is already a working (Beta) version but you would need to contact him for support.

Note, you will need one PC for each monitor to run Wideview ! - as in XP, the sim is primarily processor bound so it would be an ideal solution if you have the money and want to run at high resolution monitors and detail level. It all depends on your intended monitor resolution and settings of course. In XP for example, you can be in certain situations where the frame rate is ENTIRELY dictated by the CPU (even my 9900k at 5.2 Ghz). There are certain points in XP where I can turn down all the graphics options to minimum (2080ti OC) and it makes no difference as the CPU ) and old legacy coding! - is the bottleneck, but that is an extreme example. It's an option .. 8-)

I wouldn't hold my breath for it being on any priority list for fs2020 as the audience is absolutely miniscule. - but... you can but hope. Maybe a third party developer can offer something ? . It saves them offering options that are not available to the primary xbox user demographic - which will increase massively with the release of the new xbox as they are bundling in game pass with the price (over two years) that is cheaper than buying the console and game pass seperately, and you own the console at the end of the period.
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