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Re: New PC

#11 Post by jph » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:54 am

Ralph wrote:
Mon Sep 07, 2020 10:57 am
AMD just announced their new RX 6000 GPU's.
That will be an interesting one to watch Ralph. I think the red gang were a bit shocked at the 'reported' performance of the 3070 and 3080, AND the pricing !.
'Big Navi' has some big boots to fill and unfortunately AMD has not been even close for a long long time with failure after failure. The 3070 'allegedly' outperforms a 2080 ti at half the price (499 us sheckles) where the entry level big navi is supposedly 'similar'' - some are estimating maybe 15% faster than the 2080ti... but - in what ? we may ask ?
And they expect to price it between 3070 and 3080.
NV are usually WAY ahead of the game and already a 3070 'ti' is slated, and I wouldn't be surprised if they simply drop the 3080 to the price of the amd and name it a 3070 super - or of course - the ti.....

What is unclear though, is where these supposed performance gains are actually going to happen ?.. is it more in ray tracing for example ?.. I doubt it as the number of cuda cores has been hugely increased along with a lot of other things. It will be definitely interesting to see some some reliable and trusted benchmarks for all. I like the idea of pushing speeds up on 4k gaming as it is excellent for the ones of us that run multi monitors.

If we take X-Plane as an example - with 4 x 1080p monitors the gpu settings can be maxed (2080ti) and the cpu settings also (5.2ghz) (apart from reflections...) it is processor bound at that but very comfortable to use.
the only time the gpu struggles (dramatically) is when the weather - clouds - are enabled especially overcast where the FPS can drop by a dramatic 75% !!!!! - this is purely GPU and specifically AA. (with Vulkan of course) wind back the AA and the fps increase back to normal (and it seems to make no difference to the clouds - but beggers up the ground textures huh ?? - the jpy of XP :mrgreen: . Mind you, I believe that is more a sign of bad coding than poor gpu performance. So the only possible gain to me would be a gpu that performed better in AA (or for X-P to re-write the complete weather engine............ :? -which would be the preferred route)

But, back to the red team and green team, I think NV will simply outprice and outperform the big navi as they always seem to have room to spare to increase the performance. Most of the time they are simply deliberately disabling parts of the GPU for the specific SKU, NOT via binning.. hence they can vary performance as needed.
As for pcie gen 4-- hmm - I doubt it will make any difference really.. but again - we will have to see ..

A large pinch of salt and time will tell us more eh ? ;)
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