Test OpenGL Air Manager on Better Stick Computer

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Test OpenGL Air Manager on Better Stick Computer

#1 Post by russ » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:34 pm

After the encouraging results of Air Manager with OpenGL on the MeegoPad T02 (about 30 FPS) I had to give the improved T07 - $137 version a try.

It has a slightly faster CPU, 4Gb RAM vs. 2 Gb, an improved onboard Intel integrated HD Video (Cherry Trail vs, Bay Trail...supposedly 50-100 % faster) , and it rund the 64 bit Win 10 ( the MeegoPad T02 was a 64 bit CPU but ran 23 bit windows). The results of a quick comparison video is below. FPS is in the upper right corner of the video. SInce I bought it it seems to be called the T07 model. Same price, same specs. Imaging plussing this little dude into an HD Monitor (Touch Screen preferred) for an inexpensive addon cockpit to X-Plane, FSX, or Prepar3D).

I ran the current 2.1.1 Desktop Air Manager on this computer and got about 25 FPS. The OpenGL tests are are almost 2.5 faster, as you will see. OpenGL will debut in Air Manager 2.2 later in 2016.

MeegoPad T07 at Banggood

meego T07.jpg
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