P3D Lights Eents and Variables

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P3D Lights Eents and Variables

#1 Post by fatcharlieuk » Sat Jan 30, 2021 1:22 pm

Here we go again!

I am trying to expand my current hardware panel setup so I can use it with P3D as well as X-Plane. It works fine in X-Plane but by god it's hard to work with P3D!

I've set up a test instrument like this:

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--fsx_event("TAXI_LIGHTS_SET", 1)

function test_callback(value)

fsx_variable_subscribe("LIGHT ON STATES", "MASK", test_callback)

The variable subscribe works fine - I get a value returned which reflects the stae of the lights as per the table given:

Bit mask:
0x0001: Nav
0x0002: Beacon
0x0004: Landing
0x0008: Taxi
0x0010: Strobe
0x0020: Panel
0x0040: Recognition
0x0080: Wing
0x0100: Logo
0x0200: Cabin

So if i trun on the Landing Lights it returns a '4', if i add the beacon it returns a '6'.

But the Events have no effect. if i rem-out everything else and just start the instrument with the following slingle line, i would expect the taxi lights to come on. But they dont! I realise there's no trigger here other than running the instrument- but i should at least get a one-shot event?

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So, is it P3D being difficult or am I missing something obvious?



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Re: P3D Lights Eents and Variables

#2 Post by Shimokuta » Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:25 am

Same issue here...
did you ever solved this?

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