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Improvements for iPad version

#1 Post by Yeboman » Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:28 pm


After playing around with a number of panels on my iPad I really like the app for flight training, mainly with basic / reduced panels for the C172. However, I find that it could be vastly improved by 3 minor changes to the usability:

1. scaling - not centered, but from top left
When changing the size of an object, scaling is done from the center of an object. When adjusting the size of an object by getting it in line with the bottom of another object, the size always „jumps“ after releasing, because it re-centers and scaling changes are applied in both directions. If I could scale an object by pulling it e.g. from the top left point, I could adjust it exactly to the object next to it.

2. snapping - when scaling
It would be even easier, if the object snapped to the size of adjacent objects while being resized. Obviously, one should not be limited to that size, but getting guidance in finding the right size would be a great help.

3. grids - for scaling
If one could choose a grid of e.g.4x3 objects and objects scaled by default to the grid, the maximum space could easily be used. Anyone using objects of similar sizes could work well with a grid of 40x30, using 10x10 for a larger and 8x8 for a smaller object.

iOS should allow for these options! Any chance to implement these improvements?


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